Full-Service Ecological Solutions

Cardno JFNew is an ecological consulting and restoration firm with the resources and technical expertise to provide clients with innovative and successful solutions to the most challenging environmental issues. We specialize in water resources, natural resources, and cultural resources management, environmental permitting and compliance.

Clients turn to Cardno JFNew because of our integrity, responsiveness, and reputation for providing innovative and successful solutions. Based in Indiana, Cardno JFNew also operates one of the largest native plant and native seed nurseries in the nation, specializing in wetland and prairie restoration and mitigation in the Midwest and across the U.S. We look forward to working with you.

Featured Species:

Sparganium eurycarpum: (Common Bur Reed) This aquatic, emergent forb grows in water up to 2' deep, and blooms beautiful ball-shaped flowers. Grows up to 6' high and prefers full sun.  Learn more.